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15 Home Decor Trends to Look for in 2017

Why wait for spring to revamp your home decor? Whether you’re ready for a total renovation or simply want to add a splash of the newest “it” colour to your bedroom, the new year is the perfect time to freshen up your home. 2017 is already shaping up to be an interesting year for decor, with new unique looks that will be surpassing the old favourites. Here are the top home decor trends that will be on the rise in the new year.


1. Marble Wallpaper

One of the springs hottest design trends has made it onto your walls. Instead of splurging on a marble slab, this wallpaper makes it easy to add a touch of sophistication to your home for an affordable price.


2. Navy Blue Interiors

Gone are the days of all-white interiors. Whether you reupholster your couch with navy fabric or paint your kitchen island a moody blue, this dark shade will give youre home a modern and fresh vibe.


3. Hygge

Pronounced "hoo-ga", this Danish concept roughly translates to a feeling of cozy contentment and is how the Danes survice their notoriously long, cold winters. So upgrade your throws, light a few candles and hunker down until spring comes.


4. Indoor Vines

Don't feel like you need to buy a new couch or paint a whole room to freshen up your home decor. Sometimes a new plant is all it takes. Climbing plants like the pothos have surged in popularity on Pinterest more than 250 perfect since September.


5. Copper

Metallics are still as trendy as ever, but it seems as though copper will be the metal of choice for 2017. Look for this metal in home accesorries, lighting, and even certain furniture pieces. 

wood tile.jpg

6. Wood Tile

Say goodbye to subway tile. Although this inexpensive trend was a hit last year, this rustic take on "tile" is the it thing for 2017.


7. Farmhouse Style

This country-chic style made popular over the last few years will continue to be on-trend in 2017. Look out for more barnboard and everything rustic.

cerused wood.jpg

8. Cerused Wood

This heavily textured wood is full of vintage elegance and will be on the rise in 2017. It will be seen all over the house, including on floors, furniture, and even wood paneling on the walls.


9. Matte Appliances

While cabinet hardware will be moving towards shiny and warm, appliances will go matte as an alternative to the classic stainless steel look. Matte appliances add and extra edge to modern sophistication.


10. Fearless Paint Colours

Bold shades in jewel tones such as emerald and amethyst will be frequently used in the coming year. While these colours will primarily be used in moderation (think small spaces like entryways), they can make a big statement in a large room. 


11. Patterned Wall Coverings

Dramatic patterns in overscaled florals, paisley, and abstract prints - particularly in darker hues like gray - will turn up in bathrooms, bedroom, and other smaller spaces.


12. Statement Headboard

Designers have noticed a pattern when it comes to beds: the emphasis seems to be becoming more on the headboard itself rather than the bed. Space-saving headboards with a distinctive look will be big in 2017.


13. Terracotta

Warm materials such as terracotta tiles will replace currently popular cool and white tones. They will have a natural finish and ill be used as feature walls in bathrooms or for cladding fireplaces. 


14. Cork

Surprisingly enough, cork is making a comeback. Not only does it add warmth and texture to spaces, it's also ideal for absorbing noise in increasingly large, open plan homes. It will be used not only for furniture pieces, but is predicted to cover entire walls in home offices.


15. Mixed Prints

This trend was first spotted at New York Fashion Week in the fall of 2016 and is predicted to become big come the new year. Mixing patterns in a space is a great way to add interest, colour, and depth.