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25 Household Hacks to Help You Survive the Winter

With the substantial amounts of snow and cold, there is no doubt that, begrudgingly, winter is here. The battle with winter is a long one, and we often search for anything that can make this season a little easier. Check out these 25 household practices that help you keep warm as the temperatures drop, save time in the freezing mornings before work, and hopefully conserve energy during the dark months. Individually they don't sound like much, but collectively they can help you kick winter's struggles to the curb.

1.  Cover your windshield wipers with old socks before storms. Ice won't build up and make
     it hard to 
use them. Similarly, cover rearview mirrors with plastic bags.

2.  Park your car facing east to take full advantage of the sun.

3.  Make your own windshield washer fluid from 1 quart alcohol, 1/2 cup water, and 1/2
 regular dish detergent.

4.  After taking off wet shoes and boots, stuff them with newspaper to absorb moisture

5.  To take advantage of passive solar, open up curtains during the day to let the sunshine
     and heat in.

6.  Prevent drafts by installing foam cutouts behind outlet covers on the walls.

7.  Make your own hand warmers with resealable plastic bags and ice-melt pellets.

8.  Make a DIY emergency heater for storms and power outages.

9.  Reverse your ceiling fan to keep warm air at floor level versus in your stairwell or

10.  Pre-warm your bed with either a hot water bottle or electric blanket. Stick your pjs in
       there to get 
them all toasty before you get changed for bed.

11.  Wrap foam pipe insulation around the bottom of exterior doors to prevent drafts.

12.  Fill a shallow plastic tray with rocks to store your boots when you come in from the

13.  Spray pipe exterior and joints with WD-40 during the winter to help prevent them
       from bursting.

14.  Use tin foil behind your radiator or heating vents to reflect heat back into the house.

15.  Use a disposable razor to get rid of your sweater pills.

16.  Make DIY boot toppers out of old sweaters.

17.  Make homemade sidewalk and driveway de-icers.

18.  Rig some thermal curtains to temporarily install over your windows.

19.  Make your own fire starters.

20.  Skewer a dryer sheet with the bristles of your hairbrush, and leave it on to get rid of
       static while
you brush your hair.

21.  Spray your shovel with nonstick cooking spray, or WD-40, before you use it so snow
       doesn't stick
to it.

22.  Attach mitten clips to your cuffs (and loop around your insole) to keep your pants
       down while
wearing boots.

23.  Save money by closing the heater vents in rooms you aren't using.

24.  When faced with a frozen lock, use heat rub intended for sore muscles. Hand sanitizer
       (with 60%
 alcohol) or a key heated by a lighter, is also rumored to do the trick.

25.  Keep moisture in the area with a teakettle or saucepan of water boiling on the range or
stove. Add mulling spices for a nice scent in addition to the more humid air.

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