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Fall Maintenance

Clean Your Gutters: It’s that time of year again! Once most of the leaves have fallen, make sure you don’t forget your gutters. This is an important tip! During rainfalls, water can pool due to clogged gutters which in turn will damage your roof or siding.

Cleaning the Gutters


Don’t Leave the Leaves: Although those changing leaves are a beautiful sight, don’t get distracted too easily! Leaves can deprive your lawn from sunlight, casting shadows on the grass and depriving it from it’s much needed Vitamin D. Rake up those pesky buggers, even though they will most likely return hours after you have cleared your lawn, and bag them for pick up. Your grass will thank you, not out loud, but it will thank you none-the-less! This is what we get Canadians, embrace it!



Get Ahead: Be prepared and start pulling out the winter gear! Bring that snowblower out and keep it close! Also check the conditions of your shovels and ice scrapers, you may have worn them out last year. Don’t forget to stock up on salt, you don’t want to go for a ride down your drive or walkway while running to the car. We never know when Mother Nature will trap us under her white fluffy duvet of snow, so it’s best to have everything ready and waiting. You’ll appreciate it when the time comes!

Icy Walk Way

Indoor Reminders: Whether your home is heated by a furnace, baseboard heaters or a fireplace, clear space around these heat producing appliances. You need to think safety when you’re going to start heating up your home again. While you’re at it, why not give the house a quick fall clean! You’ll be making room for that Christmas tree eventually and following soon after you will most likely be having family stop in during the holidays! Get under those couches, tables and behind those appliances. Aren’t I the bearer of great news!?

Fall Cleaning


Happy Fall Y’all