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Who to Notify Of Your Move


After the move is complete and unpacking has come to an end, unfortunately, there are still a few “to-do’s” to check off the list.

Who needs to know you’ve moved? Well, we have a list below of anyone and everyone that should be notified of your address change. For starters, head to your local post office, or visit canadapost.ca. Complete the steps provided to properly change your address and set up mail forwarding. From here, you should now contact the following:

  • Canada Revenue
  • Employer(s)
  • Bank
  • Credit Card Companies
  • Cell Phone Provider
  • Ministry of Transportation
  • Car Insurance Company
  • Doctor/Dentist/Specialists
  • Health Insurance Company (If you have benefits through work, your HR Department will most likely do this for you)
  • Children’s School (If there is no transfer taking place)
  • Loyalty Programs (Point Clubs, Subscriptions, etc)
  • Veterinarian
  • Library

This keeps you from missing out on important mail, as well as keeping confidential information just that, confidential. Certain items like new credit cards, tax assessments, etc. are something you don’t want getting into anyone else’s hands. Be safe and be quick about this!

If you have any further questions regarding the moving process, please feel free to contact our office! Until next time, enjoy your new home!