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Garage Storage Do’s & Don’ts

Your garage can become a dumping ground for seasonal or gently used items, it’s inevitable. But while this space is great for storing some things, there are various items that should NOT be kept there. Here’s a short list:

Paint – No matter the season, you should never store paint in your garage any longer than 24 hours. When exposed to harsh temperatures, opened or unopened cans can begin to separate or gel, leaving you with an unusable product. Stash your paint in your basement or utility closet until you’re ready to use it.

Wood – You would think the garage would be the perfect place to keep your firewood supply. It’s covered, dry and within reach, but, please resist this impulse! Storing wood in your garage can attract insects that will not only infiltrate your garage, but could cause them to migrate to your home! It’s best to store your wood outdoors and have it covered with a tarp to prevent it from getting wet or damp.

Gasoline – Now, this item can be stored in your garage, but it must be done properly. Keep your gas in containers approved for gas storage only and don’t place it directly on the concrete floor. Place the can on a piece of plywood and keep it out of direct sunlight and reach of children. By not following these guidelines, you’re putting yourself and home at risk.

Paper Products – So many of us have gathered important documents and threw them in the garage for safe keeping. Please refrain!!! Paper products are a huge attractant for mice and chewing insects like silverfish and termites. Like explained above, these pests could migrate from the garage into your home, and that’s definitely something you want to avoid.

Refrigerator – Don’t keep a spare fridge in the garage if you’re into saving energy. During the warmer months your refrigerator will be working overtime to keep your food cold and in the winter, the insulated doors can’t keep your food from freezing. Refrigerators function most effectively between the temperatures of 65-78 degrees.


On the other hand, your garage is perfect for storing the following items:

  • Your vehicle
  • Yard work/gardening supplies and tools
  • Outdoor toys and games
  • Patio furniture