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Moving Day Checklist

The big day has finally arrived, let’s make sure this goes as smoothly as planned shall we? Follow these steps to move into your new home stress free!


1.  Get a Head Start to the Day – Wake up nice and early! There’s always last minute things to take care of, so hop out of bed and get them out of the way before your moving team shows up. This includes packing last minute items like your toiletries, dishes from breakfast, etc.

2.  Greet Your Team – Whether you have hired help, or you have friends and family assisting you, greet them when they arrive and take them around your home showing them the day’s tasks. Come to an agreement of how the day should flow and who’s taking care of what.

3.  Get the Big Items Out of the Way – Moving your large items, like furniture and appliances, makes this process much easier. Having those items moved in and put in there place saves your team from having to walk through an obstacle course with them later.

4. Organize Your Belongings by Room – This makes it easier on yourself and your team! You’re spending all day moving as it is, you don’t want to have to move everything from room to room later.

5. Make Yourself Available – Questions can arise regarding placement of items, unmarked boxes, etc. and you’re most likely the only one with the answers. A ton of time can be wasted on small setbacks such as this, make sure your team has your phone number, your ringer is on high and vice versa!

6. One Final Clean – Throw out any garbage, run the vacuum through all rooms and finish with a quick mop. Leave the place in good shape for the new owners.

7. Feed Your Team – It’s extremely important to provide food and drinks for your movers. Have a cooler set out with a variety of beverages, as well as a snack/lunch area.

8. Tip Your Team – When the move has finally come to an end, make sure to tip your team, they deserve it!

9. Unpack the Necessities – This would include what you use on a daily basis; your bathroom essentials, toiletries, dishes, etc.

10. Time for Bed – We all know it doesn’t end here, there’s all of that unpacking to do in the days to come. So, call it quits and get a good rest!