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Moving Day Preparation


Planning for your move is crucial, there’s so much to think about! You have to remember, moving day isn’t just about packing and bringing your belongings to a new residence, there’s so much more to it. By getting a head start, you will be less stressed once moving day arrives.

If possible, start your preparation about 8 weeks before your move will take place and follow these steps:

1. Clean, Clean, and Clean Some More – By taking care of a deep clean right off the hop, you’re not only getting your current home ready to sell, but your prepping yourself for the next step.

2. Pack or Toss – If it’s not being used, is it worth keeping? Create three piles, Keep, Donate & Trash. Pack what you’re keeping, deliver the items for donation and trash the rest. If you’re not pressed for time, host a garage sale to sell off your belongings.

3. Depersonalize – Homes have been known to sell faster when personal effects have been removed. This gives you the opportunity to pack away your family photos, knick-knacks, shoe collection; basically anything that would keep a buyer from envisioning their belongings in your home.

4. Digital-Docs – Things can get lost or damaged during a move. Make digital copies of any important documents, paperwork, certificates, etc. Store them on your computer or an external hardrive for safe keeping.

5. Book Time Off Work – Give your employer plenty of notice, especially if you will be moving in the middle of the week. If you have the option to choose your moving day, make it a Friday so you’ll have Saturday and Sunday to get settled.

6. Changing Schools – If your children will be switching schools, request their transcripts from their current school, as well as research schools in your new area. In most cases, your child will finish off their school year before enrolling in a new one, but getting this in order now is still important.

7. Make a List – Create a list of the large items you’ll be taking with you, as well as their dimensions. (e.g. furniture, appliances, etc.) This is important whether your hiring help or doing this yourself. The main reason would be determining whether these items will fit in your new home or not, but there are other reasons. In order to get a proper quote from a moving company, you will need to provide them with this information OR, if you are DIYing this, you’ll need to know how big of a truck you will need to rent.

8. Will You Be Using a Moving Company? – Determine this early on so you’re not left scrambling for help at the last minute. If you do decide to hire help, do your research! Look at reviews, compare at least three different companies, and make sure that insurance is included! Having a backup plan is also needed.

9. Get the Kids Involved – You can get your kids excited by handing them a couple of boxes and letting them pack their toys and clothes. You may want to be in the room while this takes place. This avoids a meltdown later on when they realize they’ve packed their favourite toy or outfit.

10. Plan for Baby & Pet Sitters – Make it easy on yourself so you don’t have any other obligations besides moving!

11. Plan Your Meals – Moving is hard enough, you don’t want to have to tote a whole fridge and freezer full of food to the new house, not to mention your cupboards! Plan out your meals so you’re using up the food you have.

12. Plan Your Utility Disconnections/Connections – You will need to notify your utility companies of your move a few weeks in advance, minimum. Plan to disconnect your hydro, water, gas, internet, satellite/cable, etc. Your move in date should be the date you give them to connect everything at your new home.


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