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Preferred Vendors


Rob Marchand Construction

Phone Number: 705-528-0508

MEP Contracting
Phone Number: 705-543-2492

R.C. Renovations
Phone Number: 705-543-2492


SCC Electrical Division
Phone Number: 705-527-8048
Website: www.sccelectrical.ca

Miken Electric
Phone Number: 705-526-9581

Lavin Jim Electric
Phone Number: 705-526-6373

Platinum Electric
Phone Number: 705-794-3928

Wye River Flooring
Phone Number: 705-526-1083

Home Inspectors

A Reality Check Home Inspections
Contact Person: Jamie Salter
Phone Number: 705-790-5590

BDB Home Inspections
Contact Person: Bryan Bumstead
Phone Number: 705-528-3149
Website: www.shopmidland.com/paragon

KLT Home Inspection Service

Contact Person: Pete Matte
Phone Number: 705-716-7966


Prost Associates

Contact Person: Martin Prost
Phone Number: 705-526-9328
Website: www.prostlaw.com

Deacon Taws

Contact Person: Peter Deacon
Phone Number: 705-526-3791
Website: www.deacontaws.com

HGR Graham Partners

Contact Person: Sean Ainley
Phone Number: 705-526-2232 ext. 227
Website: www.hgrgp.ca/our-legal-team/sean-ainley

Contact Person: Richard Moran
Phone Number: 705-526-2231 ext.290
Website: www.hgrp.ca/our-legal-team/richard-moran

Joseph Blake
Phone Number: 705-526-7894

Home Insurance

TD Home Insurance
Phone Number: 705-526-5475
Website: www.tdinsurance.com

Mink Insurance Services
Phone Number: 705-527-6465
Website: www.minkinsurance.com

The Co-operators
Contact Person: Ryan Stuart
Phone Number: 705-527-4400
Website: thecooperators.ca/ryan-stewart

State Farm
Contact Person: Todd Lalonde
Phone Number: 705-526-8333
Website: www.statefarm.ca/agent/CA/ON/MIDLAND

Mortgage Brokers

Centum King Mortgages Inc.
Contact Person: Kevin King
Phone Number: 705-627-3038
Email: kevin_king@centum.ca
Website: www.kingmortgages.ca

RBC Royal Bank
Contact Person: Treena French
Phone Number: 705-627-4113
Website: https://mortgage.rbc.com/treena.french

National Bank
Contact Person Kathy Goneau
Phone Number: 705-529-6646
Email: kathleen.goneau@nbc.ca
Website: www.nbc.ca

Meridian Credit Union
Contact Person: Maureen Reid
Phone Number: 705-549-3192 ext. 3410
Email: kathleen.goneau@nbc.ca
Website: www.meridiancu.ca

Moving Companies

Glacier Moving and Storage
Phone Number: 705-526-9292

A+ Moving & Storage
Phone Number: 705-527-9207
Website: www.move-storeplus.com

Al’s Moving & Delivery
Phone Number: 705-549-1082

Plumber & Heating

Triple Tech Heating, ESJ Plumbing
Phone Number: 705-333-8324
Website: www.tripletech.ca

Herb Carpenter Limited
Phone Number: 705-526-5204
Website: www.herbcarpenterltd.ca

Fred Hook Limited
Phone Number: 705-526-0176
Website: www.fredhooklimited.com

Yes We Do Heating & Air Conditioning
Phone Number: 705-818-2345

Property Maintenance & Lawn Care

Georgian Bay Property Plus
Phone Number: 705-529-5756

Roundtree Landscaping, Gardening & Snow Removal
Phone Number: 705-526-3809
Website: www.roundtreelandscapingandsnowremoval.ca