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We all know that a little staging or sprucing up can go a long way towards selling your home. One of the most important – and easy – ways to do this is with paint. Now this does not mean that you need to paint every room a boring beige before putting it on the market. In fact, this could have an opposite effect, and make the home seem very plain and uninteresting.  Paint colours should be neutral enough that buyers can paint their own picture, but interesting enough to add some character. And don’t forget the exterior; the outside of your home is the first thing buyers will see. Consider touching up the front porch, or painting the front door an attractive and inviting colour.


First impressions are definitely important when selling your home. A buyer will easily remember a home by the way it was organized and staged, both during showings and through photos. Cleaning and decluttering your home are easy ways to prepare it to sell. This means cleaning off your countertops, organizing your shelves and even removing a few pieces of furniture, which can help your home appear much cleaner and even bigger.

Home Reno’s

There are many projects that can be done to help prepare your home for sale, from simple DIY’s to weekend renovations. Things like updating light fixtures and repairing any cracks in the floors or foundation are easy fixes, whereas tasks such as putting in hardwood flooring and resurfacing bathroom and kitchen counters can turn into long-term projects. Either way, it is important to not leave any renovations unfinished, as this can scare away buyers or result in low-ball offers.